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The Adventures of Zadie Mutteries, tome I, II, III, IV

4 miniature books, gold platted, hand bound 

2cm x 2,8cm each


The Adventures of Zadie Mutteries



200 min


Photo credits Annik Wetter/Manoir de Martigny

Zadie Mutteries: woman artist, legal immigrant and unemployed megalomaniac struggling to make her art work and her life a work of art. Zadie’s adventure starts in a museum when she bears witness to an artworks accidental disintegration. Her reluctance to save the artwork is held against her and she mysteriously ends up serving time in the museum as an unpaid intern. During this time she will have to move, search for a job, teach and produce new works. She will also meet Randy who cannot be with her. Zadie will follow through the restauration of the broken artwork that resists the conservator's treatment and being broken herself she will attempt to live her life as if it were a well written novel.  

The story of Zadie Mutteries occupies 4 tomes of miniature books. Smaller than an inch, gold plated and hand-bound, every book shall be presented by the gracile mouvements of the conservator. The performative reading of Zadie's story will be the object of a video, during which the 4 volumes are read out from beginning to end for 3 and a half hours.

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