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photo credits Laura Spozio

Ceramics, metal wire, golden leaf


The scene/ what i managed to collect

the black was the first to appear, then from it derived the fallen one that appeared like that from the beginning

when i say derived it's not like Adam and Eve nor like a child from a mother but like a twin from the same mold 

it's two of the same genealogy but they are different elements

one sweats gold 

it's hair is a sign of it's force like Samson, in fact i call it that, Samson

the other is a pale honorable statue

the black is the protagonist but without the other its strength wouldn't be the same

the black is building up its anger, it's building up its force and if you focus on it it's like a snapshot taken just before something happens

and there's a pillow on the floor

the pillow belonged to one of them, it was the ceremonial assortment of the pale one but now it's on the floor

the pillow is a soft thing that could console but it's just on the floor now, it exists alone on the base

then there is colors and colors are playing an equation

and those colors can play alone

Utility is part of objects but it's more the silence of their utility that makes them poetic.

This work evolves around the idea of 'containing'. What does it mean to contain? Can the container be content as well? Is the container simply a spatial solution of a practical problem? Or is it a spatial solution of another kind of problem?'Samson duo' is a reflexion on how the content changes the recipient.

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