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 audio excerpt

audio excerpt

Lecteurs mp3, headphones, narrow path

'Relatively now' is a sound-diary in 9 parts/stations. It describes my visits to a narrow passage called ''passage des Anniviards'' at the Chateau Rechy area of Sierre (Switzerland) from February until June 2014. The sound pieces have a chronological order:

Relatively now, Tuesday 18th February, Friday 28th February, Tuesday 14th May, Monday 19th May  , Wednesday 4th June, Monday 7th April, Thursday 5th June, Thursday 12th June, Monday 9th June, Tuesday 10th June (in 3 parts),  Tuesday 17th June and  Relatively now


but they are placed in the passage in an order following the internal narrative of the piece. The piece is an invitation to circulate in different layers of time all hosted in the same space and questioning the meaning of ''crossing'' in a counter-teleological way. It is also a reflexion on space as a metaphor as in greek ''μεταφορά'' is also the actual physical mouvement from one place to another.                                  


The passage is the middle.

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