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collaboration with Vana Kostayola

240 min

2019, 2020

Performers :
Antonia Diakantoni, Xristina Bisiritsa, Alexia Pasteels, Vana Kostayola, Sofia Kouloukouri, Pauline Huguet

Performance during «EXOTIC?», Palais de Rumine, Lausanne 

3 oct 2020

Photos Michel Krafft

WOMEN TELLING THE FUTURE is a performance where visitors are invited to participate in small tasks, learn the story of Vassilo, a figure stemming from the most mysterious side of the greek culture and enjoy their coffee made in the greek way. The artists, V.Kostayola and S.Kouloukouri, put to stage their female friends who read the future in the coffee grains while they invite you to perform a series of symbolic « journeys » of introspection, all inspired by the greek traditiona and cultural sphere. Women Telling The Future is a performance on exoticism, women's emancipation and the contradictions of the western gaze on «eastern women».

The performance operates also a sound scape constructed through intertwining narratives created in situ by the futures revealed and the tasks performed.. The oracle’s voice is amplified by a headset microphone, sometimes it’s covered by that of the maître de salon, the guide conducting a tour or a sudden sound of thunder. What is exceptional in this soundscape is how something from the private sphere becomes part of a larger narrative which is public.

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