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40 min


Concept, text, performance : Sofia Kouloukouri

Costume : Dimos Klimenof

as shown at Stoa42, Athens, jan 2024

photos : Nefeli Papaioannou

Well lately I’ve been doing two things in excess, car crashes and Tinder. This show will be the end of them - my dates I mean

I am re-paired and repaired by dating strangers. While certain researchers say that time spent on dating apps contributes to depression, others say that talking to strangers is not only beneficial for ones health, but actually makes the world a better place, because it humanizes others. Enjoying the hottest zapping ever and accomodating unexpected confessions from unlikely men in a period of mass inflation and hardship, I keep wondering whether this casino of love is our best chance to participate in a secret movement of mutual aid in the daily?

© 2024 Sofia Kouloukouri All Rights Reserved.

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