collaboration with Vana Kostayola

240 min


Performers :
Antonia Diakantoni, Elena Evangelidou, Evgenia Daskalou, Xristina Bisiritsa, Alexia Pasteels, Anastasiya Chevre, Vana Kostayola, Sofia Kouloukouri

Cafedomancy is a practice of divination whose origin, presumed Mesopotamian, is subject to debate.  It spread within the Ottoman Empire, gained the margins of the empire, including the Balkans, where it became very popular among others in Greece, and then expanded to the rest of Europe. In the eighteenth century, it entered the Parisian salons, though with limited success.. Like many divination practices, cafedomancy is mostly practiced by women and transmitted from one generation to the next.


With a vast interest in feminine spiritual practices and tacit knowledge, WOMEN TELLING THE FUTURE is a participatory performance masked as a “cafedomantic office”. Six women gather to offer a space of exchange where coffee becomes a tool of reading the future.

© 2020 Sofia Kouloukouri All Rights Reserved.

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