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solo show

June 2023

curated by A propos 

sponsored by Roman Road London 


Costume design : Marianthi Xatzikidi

Graphic Design newspapers: Sofia Kouloukouri and Studio Juniper

Bronze : Kostas Blitzes

photos : Deniz Güzel

Hi, I'm Eve.

Some call me Eve the Living, which sounds like a luxury furniture brand or a movie with zombies but was actually intended as a fertility blessing. These days I go by my stage name Eve. I am a one-hit celebrity that grew up to hate the play she starred in. It is so strange to see your life stolen away from you only to be twisted over and over again. I complained, I manifested against it and for years I felt dispossessed and sad. Now I feel enraged and ready. But you all know Genesis, right? Don't know if you've read it but I can say one thing for sure. It is badly written. I am terribly disappointed to discover how no one ever considered re-telling that story. But offcourse most of the time, as a woman, you're either not in the story, or if you are, its badly written.

I'm here for the re-write.

‘As a woman, you’re either not in the story, or if you are, it’s badly written. I am here for the rewrite’.
ALL ABOUT EVE is a feminist retelling of the Biblical story of Eve the first woman on Earth. Retracing a long unaddressed heritage of female guilt, and playfully revisiting mythological and religious iconography, Eve’s story is re-written through different media, from tabloids to ex-votos and sigils. Guilt as a weight to bear is made literal through sculptures of custom-made gym weights as well as the performance EVE SYNDROME.

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