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dance performance
40 min


Concept, mise en scene : Sofia Kouloukouri

Technical development : Alfio Demestre

Performers : Andrea Carla Fonseca, Stella Maris Isoldi, Sofia Alurralde Perez, Eva Maria Vigabriel, Mailen Briatore, Julia Isabel Galeano, Silvia Mancha Pallerola, Carolina Bergero, Rosario Ruete, Luana Albeniz de la Cruz, Vanina Noelia Plinski, Celeste Delia, Jimena Ramos, Carolina Kelly

ELECTRIC WRATH was presented: 

MACBA Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Buenos Aires, 21 /11/22

Movaq, Buenos Aires, 7/12 /22

Photos Juan Pablo Basantes

ELECTRIC WRATH is a performance based on a mechanical prototype making possible the transformation of the performers kinetic energy into electricity. The electricity thus harvested illuminates the space of the show. Collaborating with artist and robotics specialist Alfio Demestre, I developped a set of customized induction coil devises that allow the performance to be energy self-sufficient. Only consuming what we produce, the energy spent on movement is captured and re-channeled as light. Our aim is to make this the first step to a new performance model altogether.


The basic idea is that we will have a coil consisting of a copper-clad conductor on a vacuum surface on which a magnet moves. The magnetic fields of the moving magnet produce a flux that is “captured” by the spirals of the coil, and thus the current circulates. This system captures the movement and transforms it into electricity.


To develop such an interface we have  tested different non continuous mouvements impact force movements (like hitting something with ones fist or jumping up and down). The latent theme of the work is female anger and how it can be put to work. So another question that interests me is the creation of a ‘vocabulary of violent movements’ transcribed from the gestural vocabulary of the daily, from the domestic sphere to the public space.


ELECTRIC WRATH is a pieces that has a fonction and a performative aspect of its own, combining this fuction with the idea of translating human behavior into an elementary force. Another element beside the translation of forces is the question of energy self-sufficiency. The éenvironmental impact of an artistic practice, even in performance, has become a problem all the more pressing. In my work sometimes things that need to be resolved, to be worked out, are enacted in performance with a physical literal way. That is also why so many of my pieces dealing with problem solving and endurance are workouts. A workout is a term used in gyms and physical training spaces to designate a moment of intense exercise and I like to displace that moment of effort into a whole other sphere, that of art.


ELECTRIC WRATH, is a workout that attempts to create a new living balance through performance. Exploring  manifestations of female anger we are experimenting with group dynamics and what it can offer in termes of energy sufficiency




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