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14 January 2023

Le Grütli - Centre de production et de diffusion des Arts Vivants​​

Photos David Huwiler

Eve Syndrome is a conference performance by one of the world’s most illustrous fictional characters, Eve, the first woman ever created.

After the hebreu Old Testament, and the christian Bible, Eve amongst others reappears in the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton, in the novellas Adam’s diary and Eve’s diary by Mark Twain, as well as the short story Love is blind and deaf by Jonathan Safran Foer. Few women writers have touched upon the character of Eve but her heavy heritage is often refered to within the critical and feminist literature.

In Eve Syndrome, the omonymous character explains how she failed to die and recounts the story of her life stressing particularly the omissions of the biblical text which she attempts to correct. In her talk Eve points at the original enequality of the two sexes and the overall imperfection of the paradisiac state. Eve tells all of the original sin episode and the life after heaven. 

Later on Eve will also adress the unbearable burden laid upon her, the heavy load of guilt and she will tell of the physical handicaps that this activity has cost her and how she tries to reeducate her body with daily exercices.

Eve, in her conference, will utilise a slideshow presentation with vidéos, texts and medieval paintings, but surrounded by workout equipment such as kettlebels, foam rollers or elastic resistance bands she will exercise while delivering her speech. During the performance Eve will engage the public in readings and discussions but will also make circulate actual objets that the public is invited to consider regarding the story. By rejecting guilt Eve will search for a way to remediate the harm done.


Performance, Texte, Concept: Sofia Kouloukouri

SFX Prosthetics / SFX Make up: Alexandros Loggos

Coach mouvement : Pauline Huguet

Props: Benoit Versace, Alexandros Loggos

Ingenieur son (live): Isandro Ojeda Garcia

Documentation vidéo: David Huwiler



Décembre 14 2019, Studio ADC, Theatre du Grütli, Genève, «Crash Test» organisé par Lise Leclerc

February 23 2022, Espace 3353, Genève, «Répertoire(s)», Une série de performances curaté par Anais Wenger

January 12, 14, 2023, Le Grutli - Centre de production et de diffusion des Arts vivants Gogogo festival

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