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Confession no#1

gravure sur granite rose, quartzite, granite beige

édition de 3 pièces

35 x 25,5 x 3cm


photo credits Laura Spozio

The golden anniversary (50 years), the silver anniversary(23 years) and the bronze anniversary(19 years). Medieval tradition or contemporary commercial trick the anniversary gifts were intended to mark the passing of time in union and to celebrate it. ‘Confession #1, a series of 3 stone plates with an inscription in gold, silver and bronze is then a sort of distorted approach to this marital tradition. The stones bearing the inscription ``Honey we sure do our best to remain calm but when we get our chance we gladly make a huge fuss about it'' ,engraved in the style and material commonly associated with tombstones, mark an ambivalent territory between routine complaint and final words.

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