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Customized frame, mp3 player, metal holder, headphones, graphics

Piste 1

Piste 2

Through the headphones we hear someone slapping a body, we also hear someone breathing fast, a series of ''ahem'' are trying to attract our attention, someone in the back is gargling but the sound is approaching.

'Je ne me le représentais pas comme ça' is a sound installation with a text component. It's also an attempt to the impossible task of translating sound, representing it with a graphically rendered text as if it were the image of a code. Another interest in the piece comes from comparing the reading time and the listening time. The brain is frantically trying to treat both data at the same time. Most of the time it fails.   

'Je ne me le représentais pas comme ça' is a piece about interpreting performed sounds with the help of a text that being a literal transcription becomes harder and harder to follow. The incompatibility between written word and abstract sound creates a space for imagining.

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